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Brooke Marks video

Discussion in 'Model Discussion & Requests' started by tatonno, May 17, 2017.

  1. tatonno

    tatonno Member


    has someone this video from Brooke Marks?


    Thanks in advance!

  2. Sneez

    Sneez New Member

    Has anyone seen the video , is it worth it?
  3. fishbulb

    fishbulb Member

    I have not seen the video. Based on about a decade of brooke marks history, no the video is not worth it.
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  4. Jukes07

    Jukes07 Member

    the video is actually good.
  5. tatonno

    tatonno Member

    Loking at the gif, I think that the video it's worth it ;)
  6. fishbulb

    fishbulb Member

    Lol. Or.....
    Looking at the preview of this video, I think and hope that this time it's going to be different and this time it's finally going to be the one that's worth it.
    That is kind of the theme of every preview for every video she does.
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  7. wsxzaq111

    wsxzaq111 Member

    fishbulb knows the truth. Have we not seen the same for years? Why would it be any different now? Once you've seen the Gif you have seen anything worth seeing in the entire video.
  8. biddle313

    biddle313 Member

    Could not agree more, seems like 100 years of Hand Bra!
  9. Toker33

    Toker33 Member

    I've seen the video and it's actually pretty good for a Brooke video. The last few minutes remind me of the stupid ghost zip though, blurry to the point that you're not sure what you're looking at. But at least it's in color, I guess? Anyway it's worth a view but don't join just to see it.
  10. tatonno

    tatonno Member

    Could you upload it?
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  11. TheDudee

    TheDudee Member

    Yes, please upload and share via PM if you don't want to make a thread.
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  12. stnastna

    stnastna Member

    thedudee secnd that
  13. bjl12

    bjl12 Member

    Not worth joining over that's for sure. Still hopeful she stays active. God her ass is so nice
  14. colklink

    colklink Member

    Does anyone know if you can actually join her site? There've been reports for a while about people trying but not being able to join.
  15. Jukes07

    Jukes07 Member

    Yes you can join it.
    As with any site, if you have any issues, contact the webmaster.
    Her's actually responds quickly.
  16. Sly_Fry

    Sly_Fry Member

    He's notoriously paranoid. If Phad even THINKS you visit sites like this, he won't let you join. He claims "someone" on his "team" banned you, and will say it's probably because you visit pirate sites. Doesn't matter if you actually post his content, the mere act of visiting a pirate site automatically makes you a dirty mean pirate who is trying to steal from him.

    I joined a while back, but wasn't allowed to enter the site. They took my money, but no site access was granted. Emailed for almost two weeks, no reply. Then emailed the billing company, they spent a week emailing him and said he never replied to them either. So finally after three weeks I was given a refund from the billing company, since he refused to answer any emails.

    It wasn't until I called him out on another board he was posting at that he finally addressed the situation with a "I don't know...but you visit bad sites, so you're not trustworthy" and my favorite line ever from a webmaster, the epic "you don't really seem like you want to be my friend". WTF!? I wanted to access content I paid for, not organize a friggin sleepover. He's moody and temperamental, for everyone who says he treats them well, you'll find twice as many who have dealt with his EMO B.S. and paranoia.

    I'm not saying don't join...just proceed with caution.
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  17. bgiconz

    bgiconz Member

    Long time listener, first time caller.

    I've had quite the opposite. Phad has been nothing but polite and awesome with any technical problems I've had... it's the man's livelihood- I don't see why he gets demonized so much. Of course he is anti piracy, selling naked pictures of pretty girls puts food in his table and a roof over his head... and the girls earn a living from it too... and I'm guessing he cares about their livelihood a bit too.

    I've pirated, and I've bought (a lot), there are pluses and minuses to both sides.

    I feel way more "exposed" to content I wouldn't see otherwise in this environment, and the previews(see:thumbs) are better than 5 second gifs. With stars on them.

    His whole business model could use some reworking from the "pirate" point of view.

    Phad is a very forward thinking webmaster.

    Compare him to pattycake-- look at the websites. Like take a good look. One of these sites is working WAY harder and producing cutting edge stuff... compare him to other tease sites too.

    His model isn't doing the same twirl dance in a sheer top for 8 years like Christinamodel did.

    The reason he has to be so hard on piracy is in this polish.

    While we are doing it, compare his stuff to Nikki Sims too... while we are here... for the record I think she is hot as hell... but honestly I have zero interest in her content until there is a penis involved.
    Like I am bored... the panda squad really do understand WHAT a tease is... and do it so well, even if it gets formulaic with the new models.

    But every time there's a rare brookemarks zip set or camshow backlog built up I pony up. Because of the quality. I know what I'm getting, something REALLY awesome.

    With all the positives though-- at the same time I think he is somewhat stuck in a non-innovative mindset in some big regards... he can take the whole thing further than he does.

    I digress, I'm rambling I think he does a fucking great job and you'd be insane to think the SOLE REASON he doesn't want to take your money is because you were introduced to his content through piracy.

    The whole point was-- he has to be hard on piracy, each one of the videos is a unique work, and not a mass produced sweatshop product like pattycake or Nikki sims.

    It's like comparing a Rolex vs a mass produced Chinese watch. They both tell time... but A lot of work went in to one of them and you have to appreciate that and understand why he has to defend himself so much from pirates... and it's his prerogative to do so... they kind of own the thing.

    Okay I'm done sucking Phads dick with praise now... everyone back to talking about naked ladies...

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  18. bjl12

    bjl12 Member

    There's no right or wrong answer here. Many of the visitors here will remind others they spent money AFTER learning of content from this website or similar ones. It's kind of like a taste-testing sample at the grocery store.

    I don't care that anyone is anti-piracy - that's their product of course they don't want to hand it out. However, your experience is singular as other boards have reportedly many of the same things regarding joining his website. And I was one of the people who tried to join Brooke's website and PAY for the zip site from last Halloween...each time I couldn't get past the phone security thing and guess what? I was far from the only person having that exact problem.

    Aside from customer service issues (which are well documented on more than one board) the main complaints about Phad are his misleading content. Every video is THE NEXT SLIP. And there's...nothing. Just kind of a schemer
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  19. mookieboy

    mookieboy Member

    The many times I have joined kari's site since phad took it over I experience the same issues that I could see some might think are blocking access... But it's just quirky.

    1. After you sign up, you can't access the site. You get redirected to the site and asked for your login info, but you don't know your login info. You need to go and find it in your email or from the billing site and then go back to the members area and sign in.

    2. The mobile phone thing. The first attempt never lets you in. I have always had to do the mobile phone thing 2x in a row to gain access.

    BTW, the mobile phone thing. That sucks. I don't want to give out my mobile to anyone I don't know...let alone a pornographer. But kari is just so damn cute!!!
  20. Lazarus

    Lazarus Member

    The way I look at it, people fall into into one of three camps.
    • You're a disappointed former fan/customer
    • You're a new fan who does not yet know he will be disappointed
    • You're a shill for Phad
    The way I differentiate the last two is anyone who spends more than a couple paragraphs defending Phad falls into the last category. It's nice to be in that second category. I remember it well myself. I was a huge fan. It's why when the disappointment comes, it hits harder and why, when you realize it's not just a one-off bad month, but a conscious, unapologetic business approach, it pisses you off. And it turns you from a loyal, dues-paying supporter to a guy like me who writes posts like this.

    Anyone who has supported Brooke's site for any length of time will experience at least one or more of the following:
    • Months with very little content
    • Months where most of the content is not exclusive to paying members, i.e., you can view it without being a member of her site (camshows, v/blogs, etc)
    • Teases for new material with stars strategically covering skin to give the impression that the actual photos/video will reveal something which in the actual photo/video is covered by clothing or pasty, etc, or only appears in a single frame of a video, or if it extends beyond a few frames is dark or blurry.
    • Special zips or content which is heavily hyped as Brooke taking it to the next level and it doesn't.
    • Difficulty subscribing
    Those who defend that Phad is an expert at the tease do not understand the difference between teasing and false advertising. To enjoy false advertising is not to enjoy being teased, it's to be a masochist.

    It's such a shame/waste, because both Brooke and Phad and his team have a lot of talent and creativity. I have no problem if Brooke is not comfortable revealing more, just don't advertise that she is. Jenna Marbles (youtube.com/user/JennaMarbles) reminds me of a non-nude Brooke Marks and she seems to do very well.
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