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Cali Retired?

Discussion in 'Model Discussion & Requests' started by suppoon420, Jan 24, 2017.

  1. VonRaschke

    VonRaschke Member

    It's not her. Also, you said she was "dead" to you.
  2. CheeksMcButt

    CheeksMcButt Member

    My last post was removed, but I stand by the original content. It's looking more an more like Cali retarded, than Cali Retired.

    Interesting how the blatant racist stuff stays, but calling her and her "challenged" is removed.
  3. NOS911

    NOS911 Section Moderator Staff Member

    CheeksMcButt which posts do you consider to be blatantly racist? And why have you not reported them so the admin/mod team can take appropriate action?
  4. 19silver21

    19silver21 Member

    Do you think most all of the sets had a VIP EXTRA??
  5. suppoon420

    suppoon420 Member

    From what I understand, once she set up the VIP program, every set after that had VIP Extra content and there were some bonus videos not available to the general membership. I never signed up for VIP (too expensive and she has a bad history of disappointing returns), so I don't have any kind of record of what was actually made available. I do know that they didn't maintain a back catalogue, so if the program started in March, and you signed up in May, you could only get what they produced in May and had no access to March or April content.

    Maybe we can get some of the people who did sign up for VIP to give us a catalogue of what became available to them and we can piece together a larger picture, though I seriously doubt we will ever see the full extent of it.
  6. 19silver21

    19silver21 Member

    Very Interesting.
  7. floridadude

    floridadude Member

    This takes the cake; 25 megabytes of content, and it's premium only?!?
    The unfettered greed here is almost comical.
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  8. agnios

    agnios Member

    The guy was basically exploiting his hot daughter for money... and you are surprised he is a complete scumbag trying to rip people off?
  9. floridadude

    floridadude Member

    Not sure what you're replying to; I was commenting on the fact that someone here posted a tiny collection of pics measuring only 25 megs in size, as a premium-only download. That's absurd.
    suppoon420 likes this.
  10. ih8ewe

    ih8ewe Member

    Why so surprised? The sets are freely available elsewhere, this site is the monetized version of sharing.
  11. suppoon420

    suppoon420 Member

    Wow. Looks like the wheels are really coming off. So much VIP stuff all over the place. I hope someone here will collect and share on some non-premium links
  12. 19silver21

    19silver21 Member

  13. dman543

    dman543 Member

    VolponView has been posting some non-premium stuff here: http://kitty-kats.net/threads/caliskye-vip-video.2481440/
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  14. NOS911

    NOS911 Section Moderator Staff Member

    Some of the content is a little surprising, i never thought i would see he using a power tool....
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  15. 19silver21

    19silver21 Member

  16. agnios

    agnios Member

    and then it gets weird when you realize that her father built that dildo power tool for her... and filmed her using it.
    Hal Macy likes this.
  17. teenluvver

    teenluvver Member

    She also squirts/pisses in this video. Amazing how quick she is going through the porn menu. Is the main course or pudding?
  18. Chosen0ne

    Chosen0ne Member

    Where are you guys finding everything?
  19. VolponView

    VolponView Member

    I have more to post but I just got banned again last week. I don't need that again.
    I just posted the custom video that NOS911 talked about. If that stays up and I don't get another warning or get banned, i'll post some more VIP stuff.
    I hope it does stay up, it's a pretty awesome video. She squirts like crazy, leaving a river on the floor.

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  20. CheeksMcButt

    CheeksMcButt Member

    Man, she's over 18, you'd think she'd be potty-trained by now. :)

    Not sure I'd like a girl pissing all over my house. Shit, maybe I would with the right tarp. lol Not her, though. Definitely not her.
    VolponView likes this.
  21. NoRazorBumps

    NoRazorBumps Member

    she said shes going to start camming on chaturbate soon
  22. anilorac

    anilorac Member

    Doing webcam modeling would be a good move for her. She still has a ton of fans from her non-nude teen modeling days willing to pay.
  23. VolponView

    VolponView Member

    It has begun. She looks like shit

  24. agnios

    agnios Member

    what name on chaturbate?
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  25. suppoon420

    suppoon420 Member

    Oh, that's just bad. She's lost that innocent quality that I think was the source of her popularity. I think she'll be fine on MFC or Chaturbate or wherever, and I wish her the best, but it looks like she's going to end up being a cautionary tale.
  26. lumberman

    lumberman Member

    But this may be the beginning of the slide into Kelsey Monroe-like desperation and porn production
    Speaking of Kelsey Monroe, has there been any more from her sister Kaelin!
  27. JJ83

    JJ83 Member

    Something new?

    I heard her chaturbate now, does anyone have your link or nickname there?
  28. br0bby

    br0bby Member

    and knowing that daddy is filming, no wonder she fled to some random black dude, that pedo dad is creepy as fuck
  29. reemul

    reemul Member

    Is it just me, or did she display a rather disturbing familiarity with power tools in that video? Pretty sure that wasn't the first time she's jammed something running off house current up her twat. Not a skill that comes up a lot in most people's lives.
  30. 19silver21

    19silver21 Member

    Did she stop modeling? Havent seen anything lately.

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