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Discussion in 'General Discussion & Entertainment Requests' started by Logan-Hanssen, Feb 3, 2016.

  1. Logan-Hanssen

    Logan-Hanssen New Member

    I have some pictures I need help to identify. The pictures are mix of non nudes and nudes. The question is this. Where can I post those pictures here? Is there a section here that allows posting non nude and nude pictures? I appreciate you all letting me know. Thanks for the help. I asked this because I don't want to post in a section that would make my posts be locked and me get banned.
  2. SAN

    SAN Global Moderator Staff Member

    if you're searching for a model ID (nude or non nude, doesn't matter) I suggest you the "model discussion & requests" section:


    if you're asking for a section where you can post a mix of nude and non nude sets there are various possibilities:

    the pornographic potpourri --> http://kitty-kats.net/forums/pornographic-potpourri.254/
    the internet models --> http://kitty-kats.net/forums/internet-models-general-forum.228/

    send me a few pictures in private (use conversation menu) and I'll find a way to help you

  3. kellogg9

    kellogg9 New Member

    Curious..why not use google image search with the pix you do have? When u do, if it finds a match, there is a good chance you will find the name.
  4. bornegg

    bornegg New Member

    If they are modified in anyway, reverse image search makes a match impossible to find. Add a white border and good luck finding that image, its a pretty finicky system. Plenty of sites close access to images from google's crawlers and no one ever tags the right details, less blonde/brunette, more silver tea kettle on dresser and searching would be so much easier.
  5. skripanjo

    skripanjo Member

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