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    Lulu Love - 1409 - Who New Lulu

    The cut of Lulu’s dress forms a very nice short area just below her crotch offering a very convenient peekaboo view up the front side of her dress. Her sexy garter tattoo draws the eye even more to her thighs and the teasingly short window near her panties. With her fabulous curves Lulu is all hips, thighs and ass. This video draws special attention to those assets before she gets naked


    Vid - 10:24m
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    Lulu Love - 1409 - Forever there Rafter

    Lulu starts this all nude posing clip standing over you with both front and rear views from the floor angle looking up. Later she lies on the couch giving some fabulous up the butt views with a sexy wiggle in her ass. There’s intermittent slow butt twerking, slapping and bouncing throughout to spice up the views with various bend over and lying positions. With her wide hips, thick thighs and full ass she really can do no wrong no matter how she poses


    Vid - 16:47m
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    Lulu Love - 1409 - Garter and Gash

    Lulu’s masturbation session involves only fingers rubbing the pussy to an eventual climax. The pose lying on her front features some quite prominent butt wiggling while you gaze up her ass


    Vid - 09:44m
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    Pictures Here
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    Melody Wylde - 1410 - Hose Playing that Melody?

    There’s some delicious leg tease to start this video with Melody’s fabulously short skirt showing her silky pantyhose thighs virtually all the way up to her crotch. With some low angle views we even see her pussy inside the skirt. Soon she leans back with her legs up and everything comes into view with her pussy and ass crack clearly seen through the transparent material. She looks especially good with her knees pulled all the way back to her chest showing her nicely rounded butt bulging in your face. There’s lots of beautiful butt and crotch ogling through shiny material in bend over and squatting poses to round out the remainder of this clip


    Vid - 27:09m
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    Melody Wylde - 1410 - Melody 'n See Flap Major

    This all nude posing clip always has lots of pussy and ass views but it gets progressively more explicit with increasingly more pussy spreading towards the end. Interestingly she can push the inside of her pussy outwards making for some very graphic close up shots


    Vid - 11:42m
    1080p - mp4 - 681.47 MB

    2160p - mp4 - 2.05 GB

    Melody Wylde - 1410 - Doing the Wylde Thing

    Upon learning that she squirts when she masturbates we took this scene outdoors so as to not make a mess of the rug and furniture. The lighting is a bit harsh with hard shadows but the action is quite entertaining. She has some very obvious reactions to the vibrator with her pussy virtually turning itself inside out and there's an occasional squirt pushing out as well. After a little while the well runs dry but the action remains first rate with some incredible pussy thrusting


    Vid - 05:42m
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    Pictures Here

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