IP Ban on MFC?

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  1. vsthonglover

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    I have been banned by a model I really enjoy on MFC because I forgot to close out of her room and went afk. She's been known to ban people for just sitting around and not contributing to the conversation - which I completely respect and understand.

    It seems as though creating a new account does not allow me access to her room. I still get the "you're banned" message when I join her room. This is what leads me to believe it must be an IP ban, correct?

    If that's the case what is the best way to rectify the situation? Thank you in advance for your help!

    BOZZOO Member

    proxie and use a guest acct. u can probably forget about getting in w/ those accts. and of course ur not going to go pvt or grp w/ her, but it might only be a ban for X amount of time. ur assumption about the IP being banned i think is correct.
  3. thecoop99

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    Old thread, I know, just wanted to share my experience. On Chaturbate, I've occasionally run into some models who will randomly ban you within just the first few minutes of you being in their room. No comments or anything from me, just me going into the room for a few minutes to see if I want to follow them. two or three minutes later, banned. It's really bizarre behavior and I can't figure it out. Always seems to be models with a small following - and I'm sure they'll STAY small if they keep doing that!

    Most of the time I don't care, but one model I really liked did it a month or two ago. I'd actually tipped her in the past, too. Then one day, just moments after I entered the room, BANNED.

    She's super hot and sometimes does good shows, but rarely ever got more than 20 or 30 people in her room. That's probably why!
  4. notanalien

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    opera browser offers free built in vpn. it works pretty well. you would have to watch under guest or a different account because mfc bans username and/or ip address. best bet is to watch a model from the lounge !

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