IP Ban on MFC?

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  1. vsthonglover

    vsthonglover Member

    I have been banned by a model I really enjoy on MFC because I forgot to close out of her room and went afk. She's been known to ban people for just sitting around and not contributing to the conversation - which I completely respect and understand.

    It seems as though creating a new account does not allow me access to her room. I still get the "you're banned" message when I join her room. This is what leads me to believe it must be an IP ban, correct?

    If that's the case what is the best way to rectify the situation? Thank you in advance for your help!

    BOZZOO Member

    proxie and use a guest acct. u can probably forget about getting in w/ those accts. and of course ur not going to go pvt or grp w/ her, but it might only be a ban for X amount of time. ur assumption about the IP being banned i think is correct.

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