Kylie Jenner Pose in Buff?

Discussion in 'Celebrities Discussion & Requests' started by pervedfriend, Jan 27, 2016.

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    There was a lot of talk of Kylie posing nude when she turns old enough. Well that has happened several months ago and the talk of such happening has disappeared along with the nude photo shoots in Playboy magazine. I'm sure Kylie is not a big favorite with many people. I agree the whole family is hard to stomach. I also agree that just as revolting the family can be, Kylie's looks are just as extraordinary. Kylie is for sure very special looking, and I would be the first to admit id love to see more of her. It would be a very refreshing change to see Kylie take over the reign as the Queen of the family. Older sister Kim is just flat out a disgusting pig. I have seen way more than enough of Kim, who should please keep her clothes on in the future. Kim's huge ass terrifies me, it looks deformed. So please let us know if there is any Kylie going nude news. Thank You.
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    Keep your eye on Essence and Ebony magazines. She fits in better there, than in Playboy.
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    So it's been a longtime since I made this first post about Kylie. Only got one reply way back when, so must mean know one cares about Kylie or your all just plan to busy for this. Well either way it's cool. Kylie is a fav of mine so I do have a bit of time for following her. Kylie has been through and done a lot since my first post. One thing she has not done though is pose nude. Kylie has been close a few times but it's still not nude. Kylie is creepin up on 20 years now. Kinda hope she would have done something nude before that happened. Oh well, I will still follow her from time to time to see what she's been up to, and maybe she will surprise us someday. She still seems to care about her comparison with OLD sister Kim. Kylie has nothing to worry there, she is so much hotter than kim is now or ever was in the past. Kylie is the sexiest by far!!!!! Kendall is super beautiful and Kylie is super sexy! So hopefully Kylie surprises us soon, and now that she is away from the leach boyfriend she can start doing her own things.

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