What would your girl/guy do to get you turned on

Discussion in 'General Discussion & Entertainment Requests' started by petetysonmt21, Mar 11, 2017.

  1. petetysonmt21

    petetysonmt21 New Member

    im new here and exciting to check out some of your porn and have a discussion about whatever. I like to hear stories or fantasies but real ones of what people have been getting upto.
    My turn on is girls that wear sexy outfits like stockings lingeries or little tight skirts and do poses or a striptease, that things get me turned on hard especially when they in short dress or skirt and bend down and show some pussy from behind oh and give a smile.
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  2. Welcome! I'm very much the same as you, love the outfits and teasing :) with heels!
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  3. BethatGirlDee

    BethatGirlDee New Member

    sexy lingerie and stripping :p

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