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Site Prefix Suggestions.

Kyle moore

New Member
Regarding the above :-

Allteenstars & Strictly Glamour - done as requested

nadine-j.de, milene-velba and BustyAlli - recommend you post such content in Special Interest >> The Ladies Styles >> Busty, Rubenesque & XXL-Girls

NalgasClub - suggest Special Interest >> Asian Porn ?

SapphicErotica - Girls with Girls section is recommended.
What does this mean and how does it all work???


I would like to request the prefix for NudeBeauties.eu and FameGirls.net
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New Member
Pls add abbywinters.com, i know there are some posts of this site on "Other" prefix, but abbywinters certainly deserve its unique prefix and more frequent updates because of their amazing artistic sense and beautiful natural models


Staff member
Please remember, this is the "Fine Art Girls" section.
There are quite a few less than quality sites already prefixed that I'll get round to removing when I get round to it, but I'm not enthusiastic about adding to them?